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Letshego Zulu


South African Instagram star who usually posts lifestyle and fitness content to her letshego.zulu account. She has accrued over 140,000 followers on her Instagram.

She has been married to Gugu Zulu. She and Laila Blue are both Instagram stars who hail from South Africa.

She is the co-founder of a personal training company called Pop Up Gym. She has also worked professionally as a motivational speaker. She first started posting to her Instagram account in November 2013.



YouTube vlogger and gothic beauty fanatic known for her LeahMouse channel where she’s accrued more than 40,000 subscribers since her channel began in 2008. She has become particularly well known for her makeup tutorials, creative DIYs, and the occasional tag video.

She has posted numerous photos with her boyfriend on her Instagram. She and Erica Link both gained significant YouTube followings for their gothic beauty tutorials.

In addition to her main LeahMouse YouTube channel, she has a second channel for vlogs called LeahMouseVlog. Her father began recording her in home videos at four years old and from then on she was fascinated with starring in and making videos of her own.

Leah Ashley


Lifestyle expert, interior stylist and DIY expert who co-created the lifestyle YouTube channel A Fab Life. The success of the channel earned a co-hosting role on the ABC daytime talk show Fablife.

She was married for one year when she became pregnant with her first child. It was a boy. She and Michael Finn have two children and they married on May 3, 2014. She co-hosted Fablife alongside Chrissy Teigen, Tyra Banks, Joe Zee and Lauren Makk.

She became a contributor at Tribeza magazine. She hosted and produced the online series Vintage Style / Modern Life that aired on The Design Network. She was originally from Texas, but would reside in Venice Beach, California.

Latika Bourke


Australian journalist who is best known for having been a writer for the Sydney Morning Herald. She has also worked as a journalist for The Age.

She was born in Australia but spends most of her time working in London, England. She is a popular journalist in the same realm as Nick Kent.

She has been a published author. She has amassed over 110,000 Twitter followers. She has been formally educated in writing and journalism.

La Regina dello Svapo


Blue-haired content creator known for posting slow motion, dance and lip sync videos to her lareginadellosvapo TikTok account. She has built a fanbase of more than 270,000 followers on the platform.

She was born in Italy. She is married and she has a daughter named Gaia who is also active on TikTok. She and fellow Tik Tok creator Ylenia D’Emidio teamed up to form the group SIS.

She created several TikToks set to G-Eazy and Halsey‘s “Him & I.” Many of her first TikTok videos featured vaporization tricks.

Kyra Robinson


American TV producer who is best known for having won an NAACP/Image Award for her work in TV production. She also has a popular Instagram featuring lifestyle, fashion, and travel content. She is married to comedian Mike Epps.

She is expecting her first child in February 2020. She appeared on The View alongside Whoopi Goldberg in June 2019.

She has gained over 90,000 followers to her popular Instagram page. She dedicated an Instagram post to her husband, Mike Epps, in June 2019. She began working in TV after she graduated from college.

Kisa Conrad


TikTok influencer and photographer who is best recognized for sharing clips of her wedding photography through her account for her over 70,000 followers. She is known for posting clips of her family which have also helped her earn over 1.7 million total likes.

She posted a TikTok featuring her husband through her account in January of 2020. Other influencers also known for their work as wedding photographers including Katelyn James and Rachel Gulotta.

She also has a dog named Daisy who has been featured in several of her viral TikTok videos. She first started sharing her photography through Instagram in March of 2016. She then expanded to TikTok in December of 2019.

Kayla Cantey


Short form content creator known for posting comedy and family content on her kayla.cantey3504 TikTok account. She has gone on to garner more than 150,000 fans and over 4.1 million hearts on the platform.

Her daughter appeared in several of her TikToks. She created a duet video with content taken from DJ Khaled‘s page.

Many of her posts featured her Great Dane Lucy. One of her oldest archived TikToks was inspired by fellow creator Zoe LaVerne.

Karla Díaz


Mexican singer, actress, and television star who is best known for being a member of the youth pop group JNS or Jeans. She is also known for having starred on the soap opera Agujetas de Color de Rosa.

Her full name is Karla Haydée Díaz-Leal Arreguín. She was born and raised in Mexico City and has an older sister and a younger brother. She performed alongside fellow singer Angie Taddei as a member of the group Jeans.

She is known for having signed with and earned representation from Entertainment A&R Media Music based in Los Angeles. She first started her music career in October of 1997 when she replaced Tabatha Vizuet as a member of the group Jeans. After several years touring with the group, she launched her solo career in 2013 beginning with the single “Tell Me”.